Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tanuki Raw

Visited Tanuki when I was near Orchard because it was just at the right time and they were having their happy hour promotion - basically it's cheap oysters when you order an alcoholic drink from 5 - 8. And since it was about 4.30, I figured, why not just wait a while and pay Tanuki a visit.

I was rather fortunate they were serving the Fines de Claires oysters that day. As the oysterphiles would know, Fines de Claires oysters are matured in "claires" in Marenne, France - and they develop this wonderfully briny, yet sweet flavours - that really come through once you start chewing them. They were delicious and I would give it a solid (8.5/10).

On a related note, just a bit of food education here, my friends...the thign is, alot of people don't know how to eat oysters - THING IS, YOU GOTTA CHEW THE OYSTER - yes chomp chomp chomp chomp. It won't taste good if you simply just swallowed it down like a shooter - you have to CHEW THE OYSTER.

The reason is because the oyster has glycogen which is converted into something a little "sweet" once you start chewing it. 

For a great oyster guide I would recommend this: http://www.chow.com/food-news/54106/the-taste-of-an-oyster/. It's a beautiful guide that has helped me immensely and I hope you read it because it may change the way you perceive an oyster to be.

The salmon that accompanied it was just so-so to be honest; rather "nahhh".

In fact I enjoyed the oysters so much that I'm coming back today - wait for me, oyster boys!

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Anonymous said...

oh when did you visit? I think they stopped having the oyster promotion.