Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meii Sushi, International Plaza

This is my second time blogging about Meii Sushi - I wasn't very impressed the other time I went - snooty service and all - but this time it was a pretty good experience. Meii Sushi was featured in Ieat a few weeks ago - about how fresh his fish is and all that - and today there were some interesting pieces of seafood (read - unusual) in my chirashi don. The tuna had a nice texture - and sweet - which is something you don't find very often; prawns were also very fresh and sweet; so was the yellowtail; some chewy clam-like things; tai was alright; and I really loved the hotate (scallops) - really full of flavour, so sweet. The only let down was the rice - it could have been softer and more vinegary. Nothing comes close to the Tatsuya rice, imho. 

Well - for what it's worth - this is a (8/10). I'm still a Teppei fan though, but then again, who isn't? 

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Anonymous said...

the sashimi looked like they weren't sliced properly?