Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Red House at Prinsep

Red House seafood opened its 3rd restaurant at Prinsep street - and as part of their celebrations, they were offering a 50% off their Chilli crab - although it's valid for only 1 crab. For those not in the know, Red House has been around in Singapore for a really long time, since the east coast road days. Now they've got a branch at UDMC Seafood Centre, one at Robertson, and the new outlet at Prinsep.

We started off with baby squid - which was alright, if a bit too sweet. In fact, sweetness seems to be a perennial trend - the chefs seem to be rather fond of throwing heaps of sugar into each dish - as we shall discover later. This was okay, maybe 6.5/10.

Next up was some bamboo clams - these were really fresh, but I wasn't very impressed with the sauce. They could have probably used better soy sauce - but other than that, it was okay. I only ate a bit of this - not very fond of bamboo clams really. maybe 7/10.

Next up was the Spicy Seafood Combination and this was something I quite liked - this was really alot of fresh seafood in a thai-style dry curry, with some mint leaves, dill, etc - which made for a tasty curry that goes very well with rice. Just the way I like it - with a bit of kick. (8/10). This was, sadly, probably the best dish of the night.

Creamy custard prawns - was good albeit very heavy. Still, the sauce was creamy enough. (7/10)

Moving on, we had beancurd with spinach - which was a rather nuff dish. Not enough salt, to be honest - it wasn't fragrant enough, and the beancurd was rather hard in texture and could have been softer. (5/10)
The crabs came next - first up was the black pepper crab. Here, the black pepper crab was much too sweet. The crabs were really fresh, but the black pepper sauce had too much sugar in it and probably not enough spice. It could have been far better - this was average really. (6.5/10)

The much vaunted chilli crab finally arrived - and no doubt the crab itself was again really fresh - and there was much roe to be had - but then, the sauce was really not up my alley. It was very tomatoey- far too much tomato in it - and with not enough kick. I felt I was eating tomato crab instead of chilli crab, to be honest. It was again, not something I'd go back for although the texture was not too bad. (6.5/10).

This place doesn't hold a candle to Long Beach - the sauce at long beach's just so delicious that I just want to order more man-tou to dip into the sauce (and apparently it's a closely guarded secret recipe made up of fresh Thai chillis and other kinds of chillis). Red house's version was mediocre at best. 

Service was also only so-so ; they were very quick to replenish my plates but were rather unfriendly. Well, I think that's not that big a problem: just solve the food problems first!

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