Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can Majo, Barcelona

I'm in Barcelona now, having just arrived from the wonderful city that is Donostia (or San Sebastián in Spanish) which is truly a foodie's heaven and I shall blog about those experiences in more detail.

the first thing we did upon arriving at Barcelona is to visit Can Majo which is a famous seafood restaurant well known for serving exquisite paella for a long time. My friend Tim recommended it and so I thought I'd give it a try.

Down by the port, Barceloneta, Can Majo's a lovely quaint restaurant. Quite touristy perhaps - we spotted some Japanese as well as many Americans all eating the same good seafood they serve.

Seafood's their specialty - we went with the seafood platter which was ample and delicious. Everything was really fresh and the highlights included a really sweet and fresh lobster; and equally delicate langoustine and prawns. 8.25/10

I eyed the bouillabaisse on the menu and gave that a try - which was a mistake. The soup wasn't even made out of proper seafood stock as it should be and it tasted as though it were thickened with flour. mediocre and does not deserve to be called such. 5/10

The paella was the star of the show - probably the best I have eaten to date. The rice had fabulous texture being al dente and retaining a certain chewiness and flavoured by the intense sweetness of the seafood. Delicious. 8.5/10

Overall dinner at Can Majo was not cheap considering we have had some really outstanding meals for much less. But as an experience and for the paella it's well worth a visit. 

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