Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road

I'm a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and all his shows from Hell's Kitchen and kitchen nightmares. Hence I decided to book lunch at his eponymous restaurant located at 68 Royal hospital Road. It's one of a select few 3 michelin star restaurants located in London.

The dining space was really rather small , maybe just 10 tables - and there were so many waiters! I have to highlight the excellent service - it was truly par excellence from the maitre'd giving solid wine recommendations (the wine we ordered was delicious by the way) to the friendly and warm waiters who knew their stuff.

On to the food - we were first served some cheese balls which were delicious!

And the amuse bouche was very good too- this was a tomato consommé with dill oil and basil. Very refreshing, and interesting as well via the dill oil. 

We had a choice between the lunch menu or the ala carte, and I ordered the latter while while my friends had the lunch menu mainly because I wanted to try Ramsay's specialty - the langoustine, lobster and prawn ravioli with sorrel velouté. It was a good enough dish, no doubt - the langoustine lobster and prawns were done competently and the ravioli skin sufficiently thin, although I felt the meat being rather hard. The sorrel velouté was excellent though, coating the meat and giving a really rich mouthfeel to the entire dish. The velouté had excellent depth of flavour, it must be said. Still I had expected better to be honest, considering it is his signature dish. (7.75/10)

The next course was a roasted Bresse pigeon with pork belly, foie gras and date jus. The pigeon was par excellence - very flavorful and gamey - a rich, robust and powerful flavour that hits you and lingers on for a long time. The polenta was excellent as well and so was the accompanying foie gras and the pork belly. Overall this was a superb dish. (9/10)

We were presented with palate cleansers - while we awaited dessert. My dessert was a coconut soufflé that was very good as well, very light and fluffy and it really rose to the occasion (no pun intended).

Some petit fours and we were on our way - chocolate, Turkish delight. 

Overall RGR was technically very sound - I can see why it's managed to maintain it's 3 stars. Service was excellent it has to be said. Still the food wasn't that exciting - it was rather safe and classic. Technically very good though. in some ways then it reminded me of my meal at NYC's Per Se - technically superb, great ingredients, flawless dishes - but rather classic as compared to creative. Make no mistake though, RGR is still one of the best restaurants in London and certain dishes particularly the pigeon really stood out.

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