Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stranger's Reunion Shashouka

Trying breakfast at Stranger's Reunion - as you may know, Ryan and his team has created a new breakfast menu in collaboration with a chef from Axil coffee roasters and it includes interesting items like shashouka and eggs florentine and ham hock. 

Needed some recommendations - and in the end I ordered the shashouka. It was decent - certainly the eggs weren't overlooked, tomatoes were sweet enough - there was the addition of pine nuts on top which provided some texture. I thought the shashouka could have been more spicy certainly since i remember shashouka to be a little fiery with the added flavour of cumin and some middle eastern flavours. Not bad but perhaps just a 7/10.

My espresso from Bali was really excellent - a heady mixture of dark chocolate, and cherry fruits. it starts bright and fades to a syrupy dark chocolate aftertaste. Excellent espresso (8.5/10)

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