Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Men Ichi Ramen

Was on reservist last week so I helped myself to food from jurong point - which is a place I'd never go to if it weren't for reservist- that place is so crowded and busy and it's so far west.

I didn't have much expectation for this ramen from Men Ichi but surprisingly it passed muster. Very nice char Siew - smoky and tender. The broth, shio style, was not bad, pretty good. 7/10

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Koh Grill and Sushi bar

Shiok Maki
One of the most well-loved "fusion" sushi dishes in Singapore has to be the "shiok" maki found at Koh Sushi bar - a rather creative "fusion" dish comprising aburi torched salmon, avocado, and unagi (eel) all doused in a special mayonnaise sauce and topped with flying fish roe.

I had it once before and honestly I didn't find it amazing back then - all I could taste was the smokiness and light char of the aburi salmon but that was about it - it seemed to me to be pretty one dimensional. This time though, I am glad to report that the shiok maki was really quite "shiok" - the char of the aburi went very well with the mayo and the eel and topped with the texture from the flying fish roe - combined to form one cohesive, savoury whole. Quite shiok indeed. (8.25/10)

Hamachi and Salmon sashimi
We also ordered some hamachi sashimi and salmon and I am glad to say that these were also done very well, especially the hamachi which was of an extremely high quality - very fresh, fatty and with all those valuable fish oils (7.75/10) The salmon didn't fare so well however - slightly sinewy (6.5/10).

Pidan Maki

We also ordered the pidan maki which was good if not great - there was a good texture all around with the bits of spring onions and flying fish roe, although the pidan was really just a savoury note in the background as it usually is. Interesting - though structurally I wish that the pidan was more "embedded" in the roll. (7.5/10)

Overall it wasn't cheap - the four items above came up to about S$65 which was really quite expensive considering I could eat a huge chirashi don at Mitsuba for S$28. Hmm.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zhen Zhou Dao (Singapore Style Porridge), Tanjong Katong Road

I've been meaning to try this place ever since Tan Hsueh Yun ran the article on it in the Sunday times - on how the food's excellent and all that. Hence, when my colleague informed us that he was driving that day, we seized the opportunity to venture down from our office in Tanjong Pagar to another Tanjong, the sleepy Tanjong Katong Road - to try out this "cze char" place. The day the review was published, I went with family to try the food there but unfortunately we couldn't get a table as it was fully booked.

Hence, it was a great relief to see that the place was rather empty for a weekday lunch. The effervescent owner, Grace Lim (daughter of Moses Lim i.e. Tan Ah Teck) came out to greet us and motioned us to try the porridge (which is what they're famous for) with some cze char dishes. We gladly obliged.

We ordered a pork ball porridge to share (she mentioned that it came with homemade pork balls which of course perked our interest), with some century eggs on the side; as well as other dishes. The pork ball porridge was a bowl of home-made goodness - flavourful porridge and with good texture from the pork balls. Very homely food. I was particularly impressed by the century eggs - they were very creamy and with a natural century egg flavour which was particularly appetizing, since not many places these days sell century eggs with that sort of eggy flavour that characterises a good century egg. (8/10 for the porridge)

The prawn rolls came out also and these were again excellent - very rough texture that comes from hand chopping the prawns rather than blending them, and deep fried. (8.25/10) 

We also ordered the "gan chao mee sua" which had a very fragrant aroma that wafted into our consciousness the moment it came out of the kitchen. The meesua was done very well, very tasty on its own without even the need for any condiments or chill of any kind. (8.5/10)

Tan Hsueh Yun also recommended the vegetables with fermented beancurd, which we also ordered - these were again done very well. The kailan was done just right, with the fermented beancurd a joy to eat (and not too smelly). (8.25/10)

Last was the poached superior beef with bean sprouts - this was another good dish with the meat having good flavour and marbling (of course - fat means flavour), served with bean sprouts and a savoury salty sauce which I would imagine would be great for spooning over rice. (8/10)

Zhen Zhou Dao's a delightful place to eat and I would certainly revisit, perhaps with my family the next time. Good food, prepared well, with heart and soul

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Moosehead Kitchen Bar, Telok Ayer

I was mightily impressed with my dinner last week at Moosehead Kitchen Bar - as all the food that was served was delicious, homely, and full of flavour - which is what's required for a good meal, really. To be honest, no foot was put wrong - which is more than I can ask for in Singapore's dining scene. And to top it off, it wasn't that expensive.

To start off - we had asparagus with fried "leeks" in a miso sauce. This was just delicious (8.5/10) - the fresh crunchy asparagus went exceedingly well with that sauce which was perfect for mopping up - and with good contrast from the fried leeks.

We were served some complimentary appetizers - this was dates wrapped with bacon which provided a nice contrast - where the tartness of the dates contrasted well with the bacon. 8/10

Next up we were served "smashed eggs" with porcini mushrooms and truffles - this was another great dish; alot of fragrance and umami from the truffles, a good earthiness to it. (8.25/10)

Lastly - we ordered a sea bass pan fried with olive oil and dill and other ingredients - cabbage. This was good too - the sea bass was flavourful and tender and paired well with the dill (classic combo, surely) - with top grade olive oil drizzed all over it. It reminded me of a dish i had at lolla (oven baked sea bream with a similar concept) but this is one sure-fire way to do fish. Great! (8.25/10)

The food at Moosehead's just excellent, and the place is really a welcome addition to the dining scene in Singapore. i'll definitely be back at those low prices.