Thursday, October 24, 2013

Koh Grill and Sushi bar

Shiok Maki
One of the most well-loved "fusion" sushi dishes in Singapore has to be the "shiok" maki found at Koh Sushi bar - a rather creative "fusion" dish comprising aburi torched salmon, avocado, and unagi (eel) all doused in a special mayonnaise sauce and topped with flying fish roe.

I had it once before and honestly I didn't find it amazing back then - all I could taste was the smokiness and light char of the aburi salmon but that was about it - it seemed to me to be pretty one dimensional. This time though, I am glad to report that the shiok maki was really quite "shiok" - the char of the aburi went very well with the mayo and the eel and topped with the texture from the flying fish roe - combined to form one cohesive, savoury whole. Quite shiok indeed. (8.25/10)

Hamachi and Salmon sashimi
We also ordered some hamachi sashimi and salmon and I am glad to say that these were also done very well, especially the hamachi which was of an extremely high quality - very fresh, fatty and with all those valuable fish oils (7.75/10) The salmon didn't fare so well however - slightly sinewy (6.5/10).

Pidan Maki

We also ordered the pidan maki which was good if not great - there was a good texture all around with the bits of spring onions and flying fish roe, although the pidan was really just a savoury note in the background as it usually is. Interesting - though structurally I wish that the pidan was more "embedded" in the roll. (7.5/10)

Overall it wasn't cheap - the four items above came up to about S$65 which was really quite expensive considering I could eat a huge chirashi don at Mitsuba for S$28. Hmm.

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