Saturday, October 5, 2013

Moosehead Kitchen Bar, Telok Ayer

I was mightily impressed with my dinner last week at Moosehead Kitchen Bar - as all the food that was served was delicious, homely, and full of flavour - which is what's required for a good meal, really. To be honest, no foot was put wrong - which is more than I can ask for in Singapore's dining scene. And to top it off, it wasn't that expensive.

To start off - we had asparagus with fried "leeks" in a miso sauce. This was just delicious (8.5/10) - the fresh crunchy asparagus went exceedingly well with that sauce which was perfect for mopping up - and with good contrast from the fried leeks.

We were served some complimentary appetizers - this was dates wrapped with bacon which provided a nice contrast - where the tartness of the dates contrasted well with the bacon. 8/10

Next up we were served "smashed eggs" with porcini mushrooms and truffles - this was another great dish; alot of fragrance and umami from the truffles, a good earthiness to it. (8.25/10)

Lastly - we ordered a sea bass pan fried with olive oil and dill and other ingredients - cabbage. This was good too - the sea bass was flavourful and tender and paired well with the dill (classic combo, surely) - with top grade olive oil drizzed all over it. It reminded me of a dish i had at lolla (oven baked sea bream with a similar concept) but this is one sure-fire way to do fish. Great! (8.25/10)

The food at Moosehead's just excellent, and the place is really a welcome addition to the dining scene in Singapore. i'll definitely be back at those low prices.

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