Monday, November 25, 2013

Moosehead Kitchen and Bar

Moosehead kitchen and bar (Telok Ayer Street) is fast becoming one of my favourite restaurants where I can eat well without breaking the bank. I bumped into Z at the gym and I decided to head to Moosehead to eat some dinner and to catch up.

The Burratina was absolutely delicious - this was warm toasted bread with cold burrata, basil oil, olive oil, and tomatoes - the flavours mixed perfectly and so well, so flavourful and tasty and enlivened by the fruitiness of that olive oil. The tartness of the tomatoes cut through the creaminess of the burrata. Delicious! (8.5/10)

We next had a roasted eggplant with capers - I didn't quite fancy that since I don't particularly like eggplant but this was a good effort. (6.75/10)

The third dish was another winner - the grilled octopus with heirloom tomatoes and potatoes. Delicious, char-grilled octopus was full of flavour and very tender, and paired with some paprika-spiced sauce with heirloom tomatoes and the potatoes. Everything melded together beautifully with the sweetness of the tomatoes cutting through the saltiness of the octopus. Again, great job. (8.5/10)

Again, I would have to say that the food at Moosehead is excellent. Can't wait to go back to try all the dishes!

(PS: No photos: my camera died)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fu Ming Cooked Food, Redhill

I needed to go to Redhill and was around the area so I decided to have dinner at the Redhill Market which I have heard is a place with many great hawker stalls. I was searching for that elusive stall with a household name that I recognise - but wasn't able to find any until I saw "fu ming cooked food" which I seemed to recall reading about somewhere.

I ordered the black carrot cake which started from $2 and which was so delicious- there was a wok hei about it and I just love the delicious caramelisation from the egg and the homemade carrot cake itself was soft with lovely texture. Smoky fragrance and just how a carrot cake should be. (8.5/10)

The black carrot cake was so delicious that I ordered a portion of the white - this was not bad as well with good heat from the chilli and one can appreciate the softness of the carrot cake. However I felt the black version edged it slightly . 8/10

It's a delicious dish that tastes excellent - highly recommended! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sushi Bar, Far East Plaza

I've blogged about the sushi bar a while ago and ever since the first few visits, they've really done well for themselves. They've developed a really impressive reputation as a place that sells good fresh value for money sushi and sashimi and they've expanded to the next door outlet as well. Pretty praiseworthy.

And so how was the food? I felt like Gordon Ramsay coming back to a restaurant (not that I gave them any criticism or feedback last time - far from that). Just to try out the food though, it was all very delicious. I had the basic chirashi for $25 and I told eugene the boss to aburi more of the items. Therefore my bowl of chirashi came with 2-3 thick slices of salmon and some aburi salmon, tuna, swordfish, tai and some tamago. The fish were all good and certainly fresh - good fish oils coaxed through the aburi. The ikura was very fresh too and certainly firm enough which is a good sign. The scallops were deliciously sweet and juicy. Rare praise must be given to the tamago which sweetness contrasted beautifully to the rest of the meal.

If there was only complaint, it would be that some fresh wasabi would be nice. otherwise this is a good a bowl of chirashi as any. Excellent. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Burnt Ends, Singapore

I've been dying to give this place a try for the longest time, for I have heard great reviews about it from all and sundry who have eaten here - ranging from food luminaries such as Tan Hsueh Yun and Debbie Yong and the food bloggers, to my friends who swear by their beef onglet with bone marrow and smoked quail eggs.

An old school friend of mine and I were scheduled to catch up last week and so I suggested Burnt Ends - to which he had no objection. It was rather fortunate that I went slightly earlier since the queue really intensified after I sat down  - with many customers turned away since the restaurant was already full.

The chef, Dave Pynt, learnt his ropes at the famed wood-fire restaurant known as Extebarri, which is located in the Basque country. To the uninitiated, Extebarri  is famous for its oven / smoker which coaxes the most smoky, powerful flavours and primal flavours from food. It's not namby pamby tippy tappy stuff but caveman food just as it was eaten a long time ago. At Burnt Ends, I was informed that Dave designed and built the oven himself, and this was probably from the skills he learnt at Extebarri. And, not surprisingly given the name, Burnt Ends specialises in use of the grill and the oven, this sort of primal caveman food that's sure to satisfy your soul - nothing fanciful and chichi about the food here.

I started off with a "warmed oyster" which was an oyster that's warmed up just so - pretty delicious, consisting of a salty and briny oyster juxtaposed with a slightly burnt and smoky gravy. Quite good although much of it would actually depend on the actual oysters used. The day I went, I am guessing it was a Coffin bay oyster. (8/10) - since they served Coffin Bay oysters by the half-dozen as well.

Next up, we had Burnt End's famous smoked quail eggs - these small morsels of quail eggs were smoked and had that smoky flavour. I've heard lots of hype about it but I felt these were perhaps just okay - I was probably not as enthused on those as the rest of my friends were. (7/10)

I really enjoyed the next dish though - this was the kingfish which came with apples. The kingfish was delicious - lots of nice charred bits on the outside (see the photo to your left), and the meat of the fish was very tender and juicy, replete with plenty of delicious fish oils. The whole oiliness of the fish was well-balanced with the tartness of the green apples which managed to cut through that richness. (8.5/10). To me this was the star of the show and one of the best dishes of the night.

Last but certainly not least, the beef onglet with bone marrow arrived at our table. This was another delicious dish which was bursting with flavour. I had my first bite and encountered the most smoky beef ever, a srtong beefy taste and accompanied by an incredibly rich sauce. It was really tender and succulent. (8.25/10)

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at burnt ends. Certainly I can see why it's such a popular restaurant, and the crowds don't lie as to the extent of the excellence of the cooking here. Loh Lik Peng (the owner) and Andre Chiang's partnership has done it again. 


Monday, November 11, 2013

SPR.MKRT's Flourless Chocolate Cake

I don't usually wax lyrical over desserts, but I must say that the Flourless Chocolate Cake at SPRMKRT (Mcallen Street) is really good! The Flourless Chocolate Cake had a great texture - full of chocolate and little bits of ground nuts (almonds, I believe) which gave it some bite and variety in texture. The taste was spot on at all, not too sweet nor bitter, and with a wonderful taste of chocolate and almonds. Delicious and I would certainly go back for it (8.25/10). Only thing is that it's rather pricey but oh well.

PS: I hear the truffle fries are great as well. Wow.

(PS: SPRMKRT is really SUPERMARKET without the vowels - but unfortunately it sounds weird when you pronounce it without the vowels. Try it! ;))

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheng Delicacies, Tiong Bahru

A colleague's friend of mine brought me down to this delectable hideaway at Yong Siak Street (past 40 hands) for a taste of some curry rice, and some other "czechar" style dishes.

First up was their "bai rou" (white pork), which I enjoyed very much. It was perfectly cooked pork belly, doused in a slightly sweet, vinegarish, garlicky dressing with loads of freshly chopped cilantro - very refreshing and delicious. In fact, it was probably the standout dish of the day, it was that good. The sauce was extremely slurpworthy. (8.75/10)

The rest of the other dishes were pretty alright, if not to the high standards of the bai rou. There was a chicken chop which was still crisp and hot - quite delicious - but I found the batter not savoury enough such that we needed to douse it in the curry (which was Japanese style). A competent attempt (7/10)

I was impressed with the prawn rolls which were very fresh and still piping hot. You could tell that they were homemade through the slightly coarse texture. Delightful. (7.75/10)

We also shared some Hong Kong kailan and they were not bad as well - well prepared. (7.5/10)

To round it off, we had some soup - this was a seafood soup since our original choice of Kiam Chai Ark was no longer available. It was quite pleasant, tasty enough. (7/10)

Overall the meal came up to S$75 for 4 people - which was pretty pricey in my humble opinion, for 5 dishes. That meant that each dish was on the average S$15 which was probably on the high side. Still, I would come back for the bai rou, certainly.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Foong Kee Coffee Shop

Foong Kee has been well-renowned as one of the top roast meat places to go to in Singapore and being thefoodieinme, it was actually quite sad and a tad surprising that I haven't been able to try it yet, or I just didn't have the chance to. Hence, I met a friend of mine yesterday afternoon to try what they had to offer. It's in a really old-school coffeeshop, a throwback to the past, but in these kinds of places you're really looking for ambience - you're allowing the food to speak for itself, and boy did it speak!

I ordered 3 types of meat with noodles and everything was good: the char siew was tender, the roast pork had a good crackling and the duck well brined and flavoured through with generous use of five spice powder. Certainly a good roast duck although I would have preferred more skin - but that's just picking at skin straws. The noodles were quite QQ and done well, and the braising sauce had a good savouriness to it.

I would certainly come back again- food's delicious and pretty reasonable. 8/10

PS: i was still full 7 hours after. Haha.