Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheng Delicacies, Tiong Bahru

A colleague's friend of mine brought me down to this delectable hideaway at Yong Siak Street (past 40 hands) for a taste of some curry rice, and some other "czechar" style dishes.

First up was their "bai rou" (white pork), which I enjoyed very much. It was perfectly cooked pork belly, doused in a slightly sweet, vinegarish, garlicky dressing with loads of freshly chopped cilantro - very refreshing and delicious. In fact, it was probably the standout dish of the day, it was that good. The sauce was extremely slurpworthy. (8.75/10)

The rest of the other dishes were pretty alright, if not to the high standards of the bai rou. There was a chicken chop which was still crisp and hot - quite delicious - but I found the batter not savoury enough such that we needed to douse it in the curry (which was Japanese style). A competent attempt (7/10)

I was impressed with the prawn rolls which were very fresh and still piping hot. You could tell that they were homemade through the slightly coarse texture. Delightful. (7.75/10)

We also shared some Hong Kong kailan and they were not bad as well - well prepared. (7.5/10)

To round it off, we had some soup - this was a seafood soup since our original choice of Kiam Chai Ark was no longer available. It was quite pleasant, tasty enough. (7/10)

Overall the meal came up to S$75 for 4 people - which was pretty pricey in my humble opinion, for 5 dishes. That meant that each dish was on the average S$15 which was probably on the high side. Still, I would come back for the bai rou, certainly.

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