Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fu Ming Cooked Food, Redhill

I needed to go to Redhill and was around the area so I decided to have dinner at the Redhill Market which I have heard is a place with many great hawker stalls. I was searching for that elusive stall with a household name that I recognise - but wasn't able to find any until I saw "fu ming cooked food" which I seemed to recall reading about somewhere.

I ordered the black carrot cake which started from $2 and which was so delicious- there was a wok hei about it and I just love the delicious caramelisation from the egg and the homemade carrot cake itself was soft with lovely texture. Smoky fragrance and just how a carrot cake should be. (8.5/10)

The black carrot cake was so delicious that I ordered a portion of the white - this was not bad as well with good heat from the chilli and one can appreciate the softness of the carrot cake. However I felt the black version edged it slightly . 8/10

It's a delicious dish that tastes excellent - highly recommended! 

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