Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sushi Bar, Far East Plaza

I've blogged about the sushi bar a while ago and ever since the first few visits, they've really done well for themselves. They've developed a really impressive reputation as a place that sells good fresh value for money sushi and sashimi and they've expanded to the next door outlet as well. Pretty praiseworthy.

And so how was the food? I felt like Gordon Ramsay coming back to a restaurant (not that I gave them any criticism or feedback last time - far from that). Just to try out the food though, it was all very delicious. I had the basic chirashi for $25 and I told eugene the boss to aburi more of the items. Therefore my bowl of chirashi came with 2-3 thick slices of salmon and some aburi salmon, tuna, swordfish, tai and some tamago. The fish were all good and certainly fresh - good fish oils coaxed through the aburi. The ikura was very fresh too and certainly firm enough which is a good sign. The scallops were deliciously sweet and juicy. Rare praise must be given to the tamago which sweetness contrasted beautifully to the rest of the meal.

If there was only complaint, it would be that some fresh wasabi would be nice. otherwise this is a good a bowl of chirashi as any. Excellent. 

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