Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chirashi at Hakumai

Save for the rather high prices, I was quite happy with my chirashi don at Hakumai (International Plaza) which came with scallops, some sort of fish roe, the usual hamachi, salmon, ikura, hirame (was certainly too tender to be engawa), etc all over some lovely vinegarish rice which is just the way I like my sushi rice. (8/10)

Honestly speaking though, I wasn't too fond of the Truffle Chawanmushi which was a bit too much and the musky flavours of truffle just don't seem right paired with the floral flavors of a good Chawanmushi. I did particularly like the accompanying soup though, redolent with eggs and prawn flavour. (5/10)

Overall the fish here is certainly very fresh but at $38++ it remains slightly high to be eating on a regular basis considering that Teppei is just around the corner.

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Unknown said...

i heard you had some pretty decent beef cheek last night.