Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oceans of Seafood @ Pasarbella

An old friend of mine, J, wanted to go for this 1 for 1 oyster promotion at Oceans of Seafood, Pasarbella - basically the deal is that you pay $35 which entitles you to free flow of alcohol (warm sake, Sapporo, sparkling wine) and also allows you to order 1 for 1 oysters from their Oyster Bar. 

We ordered some Fanny Bays from Canada and some Taylor Bays from the USA to start with. The Taylor bays were pretty good - sweet and with a slight metallic taste that I love about oysters. The Fanny bays were okay - not much flavour it must be said. (They were 21 bucks for 6 which meant 21 for 12 when the promotion kicks in). (7/10 for the Taylor and 6/10 for the Fannys)

We also ordered some Holland oysters which were really huge but surprisingly I found them to be the best of the lot- they had that metallic taste that I do like about oysters and a succulent texture that provided good mouthfeel.  (8.5/10)

Arguably the surprise of the day was the Chutoro promotion that we spotted whilst dining at the Japanese section - Chutoro nigiri was $3 for one, and so was the Negitoro handroll. We ordered both and I enjoyed the Chutoro nigiri so much that I kept ordering - the piece of fish that they put on the rice was just delicious, it was really huge as can be seen from the photos, and just a delight to the tongue, delicious! Full of the tuna fish flavours. (8.5/10) We devoured about five or six each of those. In fact I may even like Chutoro more than Otoro.

I needed dinner, so I ordered the Toro Don which came with four pieces of Chutoro and some Otoro Negitoro. This was again delicious, succulent and sweet Chutoro can't be beat. I normally don't like negitoro but this was good - with enough tuna flavours which made things delicious. The rice was good too. it was just that, at $25, I am wondering whether it was more worth it to buy the toro nigiri only (I would have been able to order 8 nigiri for the same price). (8.5/10)

(ps: I don't really know how to "rate" chirashis because it's really just the fish and the rice right. The rice could have been more vinegarish - that's how I like it such as the one from Hakumai).

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