Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Roundup of 2013

2013, where do I even start?

It has certainly been a momentous year, this 2013, and in terms of the foodie in me's gastronomic journey certainly one to remember.

Here's where I rank the top things I have eaten in 2013 (with the caveat being that they must be new dishes or something that I've never eaten before 2013).
In Singapore, and in no particular order:

1. Oceans of seafood's chutoro don and sushi- maybe the memory's fresh in the mind but the bluefin chutoro was par excellence 
2. Cugini's Sea Urchin pasta - perfectly al dente and oh so tasty 
3. Moosehead - the burratina and lamb rump were brilliant, and a special mention goes out to the grilled octopus and asparagus. 
4. The Sushi Bar - chirashi don from a place that used to be manageable but has recently become such a crowded place :( sigh 
5. Burnt Ends - the kingfish collar, leek with truffles, and the beef were all amazing 
6. The Cheese Ark - shoutout goes to the Alisia Victoria amongst all the wonderful cheeses that they have there 
7. Naked Finn - the grilled African lobster made me fall in love with it.

The dish that I ate most frequently is, no surprises for guessing, Barachirashi from Teppei. (Which reminds me that I should make a call for a reservation soon).

Oh well: and for the best things that I ate all year, most of it would have to be from my trip in late August to UK and Spain where I just ate my way through 13 stars. While not all of them were sublime, there were many "wow" moments, and these are some of the dishes that I enjoyed:
1. Foie gras with "salt and pepper" from Restaurant Akelare (San Sebastian, 3 Michelin stars)
2. Poached oyster from Cinc Sentits (Barcelona, 1 Michelin star)
3. Cheesecake from Bar La Vina (San Sebastian)
4. Pigeon from Cinc Sentits (Barcelona, 1 Michelin star)
5. Passionfruit Sorbet from the Ledbury (London, 2 Michelin stars)
6. Pigeon from Restaurant Akelare (San Sebastian, 3 Michelin stars)
7. Lobster with garden vegetables from Restaurant Azermundi (Bilbao, 3 Michelin Stars)
8. Squid and squid ink from Restaurant Azermundi (Bilbao, 3 Michelin stars)
9. Scallop from Hedone (London, 1 star)
10. Oxtail ravioli from Restaurant Azermundi (Bilbao, 3 michelin stars)

Onward we go into 2014, and may God be always there in our lives as we walk with Him, amen. May He bless you, with himself. 

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