Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Eatbma was raving about this Nordic deli located at the Clift (McCellan Street) so I popped down during lunchtime to see what the fuss was about. I walked in at about 2pm to find that they had almost completely run out of food! The only thing left was a potato sandwich which came with smoked mayonnaise (delicious stuff), lemon marinated leeks, with bacon bits, hazelnuts and watercress. And boy this was really delicious - the sandwich was really fresh with their homemade bread, and all of the ingredients were fresh and went so well together as a harmonious medley far greater than the sum of its parts. Read: You will have to bite into the whole sandwich to eat all the elements together, rather than eat them deconstructed. Totally scrumptious: 8.5/10

Coffee beans are from Smitten. It was alright: I've tasted better. The ambience is that of a usual cafe: this one is pretty Nordic-like, with light wood on the cabinets.

I was so impressed by the food that I visited the next day to try the Pork Sandwich, and this was amazing and divine if sinful: crackling pork, red cabbage marinated with orange and vinegar, with a mayonnaise and mustard dressing. Every element really came together very well, and sandwiched in a delicious homemade bread that they make in-house. The apples gave it a required crunch to balance out the fattiness of the crackling pork while the mustard accompanied subtly. Overall, a very good dish. (8.75/10). It certainly left me a very happy man.

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