Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bar-Roque Grill

I've been meaning to come here for some time, so when the occasion came to have a nice family dinner I immediately picked Bar-Roque grill which is located at the Amara Hotel (Tanjong Pagar Road). The chef, formerly from DB Bistro, was also in the house, and I managed to have a quick chat with him about the food and wine and all of that stuff.

The food was generally excellent though slightly expensive for bistro food - we're talking about Le Bistro Du Sommelier / DB Bistro prices here. 

The decor was quite delightful - high ceilings, silver and black walls, and a sense of grandeur about the place. I could not fault the service as well, which remained professional and friendly.

Overall, most of the items we tried were up to standard. My parents shared a lovely whole roasted chicken S$38 which was extremely tender yet done with a nice roasted outside. Delicious! (8.5/10) One of the best roasted chickens around.

I had something slightly more adventurous: NZ Littleneck clams with blood sausage, spinach, and Chardonnay sauce. This was quite delicious: the white wine sauce was very comforting and rich and had absorbed all of the goodness, sweetness and depth of flavour from the clams providing it with a great balance. The sauce was complex and tasty which went well with the grilled sourdough that they had provided. The littleneck clams, too, were exceptionally fresh. (8.5/10) Great with the Hugel Gewurtramminer that I ordered. 

The apple tart was also very well done, with a very buttery crust done to the right level of burntness. Went well with the ice cream and the brown chocolate bits. (8/10)

Overall, the dishes at Bar-Roque were done very well and it was a pleasure to dine at one of Singapore's good bistros. Excellent food.