Friday, April 4, 2014

AOKI by Les Amis

I have heard many wonderful things about the Maze-Chirashi from AOKI, but was never fortunate enough to come for lunch to give their chirashi a try since AOKI is located in Orchard Road and I am working in Tanjong Pagar.

So when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to make a booking at AOKI to try their mazechirashi - i.e. chopped sashimi on rice.

It was rather hard to find the place at first, and my dining companion and I kept on literally trying to find the entrance to the restaurant. In the end, we entered through a non-descript door, which led us into a very pleasant restaurant, with a huge sushi counter, and some private rooms. 

We had already pre-ordered the Mazechirashi (which we had to a day before), and so that came with some appetizers - namely a light mesculin salad with a very light sesame dressing. Delicious and light; with some chopped garlic bits and dried radish.

But of course, we were not here for the appetizers, delicious as they may be. 

Rather, what was the piece de resistance was the Mazechirashi bowl, each piece of fish was prepared to perfection really. The toro was simply heavenly irresistible morsels of sublime goodness - pieces of raw fish heaven which just bursts in your mouth with some floral flavours and a great depth and complexity, and a slight sweetness that marks this as top quality toro. The salmon roe was excellent! I didn't know salmon roe could be this sweet - it was really perfumed. The tuna had a robust "iron-like" taste that comes from the iron in the tuna; the mackerel was intense without any fishy flavours, and yet somewhat "sweet"; and the uni was also sublime - creamy, sweet, tasty, yummy, and intense - especially when combined with the rice and the salmon roe. Special shoutout goes to the tamago as well which was done perfectly, almost custard-like in texture.

I would say that AOKI serves the best chirashi in Singapore, but at SGD40 per bowl not as cheap as Teppei but is still superb value for money considering the quality and quantity of fish that was provided. Yums. 

Rating for the Mazechirashi: (9.5/10)

The dessert was some yummy bread pudding like custard, with mango ice cream. Certainly quite delicious as well, bringing everything together on a sweet note (no pun intended).

Great and I'll definitely be back, whenever I have time for a long lunch. Cheers!

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