Thursday, May 8, 2014

Soon Li Yong Tau Foo (Henderson)

My apologies for the lack of updates; food-blogging is an interesting hobby because - while we enjoy eating and scouring the island for new food, the effort it takes to write an article is something else altogether. That's why it isn't like - we blog about the place instantaneously after we've eaten at the same, since we get lazy. Well, I'm just speaking for myself...

Here's a really good yong tau foo that's incredibly popular, known as the midnight yong tau foo @ henderson. As the name suggests, they start selling food at 1045, through the night. Well, I picked alot of stuff - almost $10 worth - including stuff that you seldom find at yong tau foo stalls such as pig's intestines, pigs' stomach, and all the lovely innards. Well, everything was pretty good; the pig's intestines were very tender and ditto for the pig's stomach, and everything had a very fresh taste and was cooked just right. I wish the soup could have been more robust or sweeter from the use of yellow beans - in this regard, I'm partial to the two stalls at Tanjong Pagar market or the one at Clementi since they seem to have more kick in the soup. I think this is a 7.75/10

The waiting time was pretty long though: we waited about 30 min for our food. Worth it? Hmm, if I don't have to queue that long I'll surely come back but at 30 min, maybe not.

Till next time!

PS: I'm heading to hong kong soon - please let me know if you have any recommendations, they'd be much appreciated :) 

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