Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mak's Noodles, Hong Kong

I finally got to try the legendary Mak's noodles in Hong Kong, which is located in an old eatery along Stanley Street. We managed to sneak in at around 9 o' clock and they were pretty obliging - to stay open for us. So how did Mak's fare? In my humble opinion - not bad! Didn't blow my mind unfortunately - but the noodles were very springy, and had the right texture, al dente. It came accompanied with a soup which had good depth of flavour but it wasn't as intensely flavoured as some of the other wonton mees I have had over my HK trip. The wontons were done very well, very tasty. Overall not bad but I think the soup at the other noodle shop at Wan Chai was better. (7.75/10)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Joy Hing Roast Meat, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for the annual INTA conference (for work) and while the majority of the conference was spent meeting various associates, I did have a chance to go off on a detour to try some food. Upon doing some research, I realised that Joy Hing was quite near where I was staying and so when we had some time off for lunch, we popped by for some roast goose. 

The place was really a hole in the wall, one of those eateries that looked like it had been there for a really really long time. my colleague and I had the roast goose leg rice which was excellent - succulent and juicy goose meat with a crispy skin that was just melt in your mouth. Ooh that fat was just intense and so delicious - nothing like duck fat.

I really liked the sauce that accompanied the duck. It was very savoury and delicious. 

Further, a shoutout goes to the Cantonese soup which was freaking insane - it had all the natural sweetness of the carrots and turnips which was boiled for the soup.

Overall, Joy Hing is certainly worth going if you're around the area: (8.75/10) 

I wanted to try Yat lok but unfortunately they didn't have goose when I went (at around 9). never mind, next trip!