Sunday, July 13, 2014

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Armenian Street

Wow, I realise that I haven't actually blogged about Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, a French bistro-style restaurant located at Armenian Street. The chef Patrick used to helm the kitchen of Au Petit Salut at Chip Bee Gardens, which was where I first had a taste of good fine homely French food, before even travelling to France. Over the years, Le Bistrot has been renowned for serving tasty and delicious French food done in a rustic style, such as their onglet steak, and various rillettes and foie gras preparations. Not haute cuisine by any stretch of the imagination, but then again - haute cuisine is rather pretentious anyway and labourious to eat every day.

We made a last minute booking so there wasn't space at the proper restaurant, but we managed to snag a table at the Rillette bar upstairs. I found it to be a rather cool space, high ceilings and loads of space to have a fun night out.

We ordered a combination platter of rillettes and terrines: there was a rabbit rillette which was quite tasty; and a pork terrine which was well, a little short of my expectations, honestly - as it was a little flat (7/10); but what saved the day was the foie gras terrine, which was delicious: smooth and fatty, earthy; with the foie gras taste in an absolutely smooth terrine. Great with the brioche that they serve it with. (8/10)

What really blew our mind away was our main of Cote du Boeuf - This was super shiok (delicious in Singlish): very buttery in taste, perfectly done to a medium rare, absolutely superb, tasty stuff. (9/10). What I really liked were the ends where the fat had caramelised and melted. Yums!

I was really impressed with the wine that I chose, a Cote Rotie Rene Rostaing 2010 Cuvee Classique (Ampodium), and this was really delicious. On the nose, a massive and complex nose of butter, bacon, spice, meaty aromas and black pepper, some earth and spice, and a palate of dark plums, black and red fruits, slight spice and chocolate; great structure, some sweetness, bacon and leather. Very elegant for a Cote-Rotie, almost Burgundian for its purity. Delicious stuff. (9/10).

Overall, I can't fault the food here - it's homely, rustic, delicious and tasty food done well. And a great wine list to boot as well, which befits the name of the place. 

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