Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pince and Pints, Duxton Road

I'm sure all of you have heard of Bonito Chico / Love Bonito, which is one of the first blogshops to become a viable, successful, booming business. My old churchmate Frederick married one of the owners of Love Bonito and has been working there ever since; and recently he's opened a Lobster joint called Pince and Pints, located at 31-33 Duxton Road. Even though it's only been open a week, it's been fully packed day-in day-out and I must say his publicity team has really done a fantastic job. I heard that the queue starts forming at 4.45pm before it opens at 5pm, and by 6pm, the wait is 2 hours; and after 7.30pm, they stop taking new customers since the queue is about 90-100 people. That's really good business isn't it! Fred calls it a "happy problem" and I have to say, I'm inclined to agree. 

He advised me to arrive before 5pm - maybe 4.30pm, in order to beat the crowds, and so today I popped down at the advised time to wait for a space to eat. You can see - from the photos - that I've managed to take the photos of the empty restaurant, but it wouldn't stay empty for long because a great snaking queue started forming outside the restaurant at around 5pm. 

Pince and Pints basically does only lobsters - done 3 ways: either steamed/grilled ; in a lobster roll; or in a 'chilli lobster' which is kind of like a chilli crab, complete with mantou. I am a sucker for Lobster Rolls, so I ordered the lobster roll which came with fries, garlic aioli, and some salad tossed with a homemade dressing and some Parmesan cheese. I must say the lobster roll was extremely delicious and sublime - one of the best I've had in Singapore and comparable to those in New York (Red hook; Luke's lobster), and in some ways surpassing those. The magic's in the bread: they butter the bread roll and lightly pan fry it such that the butter is absorbed into the bread; and it's topped with some very fresh, sweet and succulent lobster meat that's lightly tossed in mayonnaise, and garnished with some spring onions. This was outstanding and already a winner. (8.75/10). There were thick large chunks of lobster meat - can't go wrong!

Accompanying the lobsters is a large variety of wines, cocktails, and alcohol beverages. Good stuff. I enjoyed the Gewurtztraminer that I ordered: refreshing and slightly off-sweet. The Dark and Stormy cocktail I had was good as well: lightly spiced ginger beer and rum. 

I spoke to Fred and was informed that he visited Boston and New York, speaking to many lobster suppliers and trying their produce, before narrowing down the list to a few - before importing the lobsters from the suppliers that he favours. The quality of the lobsters is certainly evident from the lobster meat that I had, and so much so that Ken from Naked Finn - who certainly knows his seafood - also obtains some lobster from Fred. 

Anyway, it's great to see a place serving lobster roll - which is one of my favourite dishes. Pince and Pints is certainly highly recommended - if you can beat the queue! 

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