Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fish Market Sakuraya, West Coast Plaza

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite spots to eat in West Coast Plaza, which is a mall I frequent heavily as my church is just next door. 

The concept's simple: there's raw fish that is packaged in plastic supermarket style, and you just select the piece you want and tell them your table number, and they'll serve it to you, sliced and prepared.

There's also a wide variety of cooked foods and rice dishes, including this barachirashi which was a joy to eat. A steal at $15, considering that Sushi tei has a similar chirashi don for about the same price, but there's no comparison in terms of the quality and freshness of the fish: Sakuraya wins hands down. 

The barachirashi was a delight: each piece was just very fresh, the swordfish was oozing with fish oils that was so juicy, the tuna had the intense "metallic" taste which I enjoy, even the salmon was delicious; and not to mention the hamachi though. Only thing I didn't like was the crabmeat. Sure, it wasn't Aoki, but it's also 1/3 of the price. And - there's fresh wasabi which is lovely too.

The last time I went, I ordered some Kampachi as well, which was sliced beautifully and melted in your mouth. I remember the time when S and I ordered many pieces of salmon belly - the only thing I can say is - OISHI!


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