Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hitsumabushi Bincho, Ginza Tokyo

Hi readers! I'm finally in Tokyo, having a long-awaited holiday. I figured I should blog on-the-go, since I will be forgetting most of what I've eaten by the time I reach back to Singapore.

We met with A's Tokyo friend and he and his girlfriend brought us to this place called Hitsumabushi Bincho, located at Ginza. "Hitsumabushi" is apparently a Nagoya specialty - it's basically eel that is eaten a number of ways. 

Since we were tourists - we ordered the "course" dinner, i.e it comes with a few courses. 

The first course we had was deep fried eel bones. Quite a good snack, especially if eaten with beer.

Next up, grilled eel with the shoyu-style sauce that is characteristic. This was delicious; very sweet, fresh-tasting eel, paired well with the cucumber underneath. (7.75/10)
Then, we had an eel liver sashimi with wasabi. Now this was interesting; the eel liver had a very subtle, delicate flavour, but yet was quite creamy. Paired with the wasabi, was quite delicious. My friend ordered the grilled version which I thought was slightly more delicious, as the grilling brought out the various flavours of the liver. 

And then we had grilled eel without any sauce - here the sweetness and freshness of the eel really shone.

The main dish then arrived - Hitsumabushi. It's basically a rice dish with eel on top; and you're supposed to divide the dish into 4. First quarter - just to eat it as it is; second quarter - to add leeks and wasabi to the mix and to eat; third quarter - to add seaweed, leeks, wasabi, and a stock - and eat as a porridge; and the last quarter - you can choose which one you want to eat.

It was certainly an interesting way to eat eel. This was certainly a 8/10 at least. I'm technically not an eel fan but from this I can understand why.

Oh - I have to mention the Japanese grapes we had. So delicious. I wonder what they put inside.
Day 1 is over - any suggestions for tomorrow? hit me!

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