Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jin Fine Dining, Far East Square (Amoy Hotel)

Dr Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost) posted about this new joint that just opened at Amoy Hotel, named Jin Fine Dining. Apparently they served a mean bara-chirashi for only SGD18 and use top quality fish. As I'm a great fan of good chirashi-don, I jumped at the opportunity to try this.

I popped down on a Tuesday night to Amoy Hotel located at Far East Square - the restaurant actually occupies the atrium of the building, which is - nice - since you get good air-conditioning and the benefit of the hotel decor.

Chef Thomas was formerly from Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant - and I had a little chat with him, as I always do when I visit new places.

I ordered the chirashi set - and it was pretty good. What particularly impressed me was the rice: that was the most delicious and flavourful sushi rice I've eaten for a long time (in Singapore) - was perhaps on par with the rice from Tatsuya. It was so delicious, flavoured with lots of fish, vinegar, etc. As for the fish, they were undoubtedly fresh; however - the tuna was Indonesian tuna instead of hon-maguro so the flavour was far less delicious and rather chewy, in fact. This was about a (7.75/10). I will come back when they have more fish and maybe I'll "update" the ranking. 

The SGD80.00 omakase set (ieat set) also seems like a good deal, come to think of it. 

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