Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mezza9 Champagne Brunch, Hyatt Singapore

I'm usually not a big fan of buffets - since, you know, I get full pretty fast and buffets tend to have substandard food i.e. not plated well, not much taste, and the "pig" in me just wants to eat more and more leaving little room to savour the intricate flavours of the food (if there are indeed such flavours). It was M's birthday, and he said he booked champagne brunch at Mezza9 @ Hyatt - and what's better than some champagne and free flow of oysters! 

The selection was ginormous - there was an appetizer station featuring freshly-shucked oysters, lobsters, crabs, large prawns, jamon, rock melon, and some salads; a Chinese station where one could order sio-bak and pipa duck amongst other roasts; a grill station where there was pasta cooked to order and other meats such as lamb leg, striploin, pork belly, etc; a Japanese station where we had access to sashimi (yellowtail; salmon belly; swordfish; hamachi all included), sushi, miso soup, etc; and of course, a dessert selection, as well as a cheese room. All this came with free flow champagne (Perrier Jouet), red wine, white wine, etc - and juices if you'd like. The price is SGD138++ which is I thought a pretty reasonable deal considering that a wedding dinner would already set you back SGD180 and the food isn't that good anyway (for most wedding dinners).

I munched through the seafood first - the oysters were really good for a buffet, freshly shucked to order which meant that they were fresh - briny, slightly sweet, and delicious - man I'd love to have some more even as I'm blogging. 
The littleneck clams were great too - quite delicious. Then we had some lobster (not that nice); crab (was good - rather sweet); and prawns, of course - big and fresh. I had some jamon with rock melon too - all that washed down with the champagne. 

And of course, I had a plate of sashimi as well: very fresh swordfish replete with delicious oils; yellowtail was great as well, very fresh and with lovely fish oils; salmon belly is always a treat sine it's extra fatty - the tuna was slightly disappointing even though it's bluefin tuna (I guess the experience at Sushi Tokami has killed tuna for me forever).

Also tried some yakitori - the chicken balls were not bad, and so were the pork that was grilled with leek.

We moved on to mains, and the striploin was good - I requested that it be charred longer on the grill to bring out the flavour and it went well with the red wine sauce. What was a highlight was the pork belly - succulent pork fats on the outside, crispy skin, and very strong flavours of pork. Washed down well with the cabernet sauvignon.

To finish, I visited the cheese room, and asked for a cheese sampler. I sampled five different types, which were artfully presented on my plate with some bread and chutney, and arranged from mildest to strongest. All of them were great, very fine cheeses from boutique producers in Switzerland and France. Yummy. The cheese was one of the highlights, sampling cheese washed down with the cabernet sauvignon which made a good match.

The restaurant also provided a cheesecake provided for M's birthday, which was a nice touch. And the cheesecake itself was great (I'm a big fan of cheesecakes, poor waistline of mine).

Overall, one of the best buffet experiences in Singapore and certainly if I were rich I'd be eating here more often. Ha. 

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