Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pantler, Telok Ayer Street

It seems that one of the recent trends in the Singapore food scene is the opening of specialised artisan patisseries and boulangeries - offering premium cakes and utilising top-quality ingredients (and often charging prices to match). Flor Patisserie, K-Ki, Patisserie Glace, ABC Boulangerie, have opened; and they compete with more established brands such as Gobi, Plain Vanilla, and the like. One of the most anticipated openings was the opening of Pantler, whose baker and owner used to work in the Hyatt in Tokyo. Now given that the cakes standard is Tokyo is second to none, the presence of a chef who arrived from a five-star hotel in Tokyo is - certainly and hopefully - a badge of quality.

And I think it didn't disappoint. I've been to Pantler on 2 occasions already as it is very near my office. The decor of the place sports a zen-like interior - minimalist walls, lots of black, sparse interior decoration. The focus of the display really showcases the cakes well.

The first time I arrived - I had a citron tart, which was pretty good, featuring a good balance between the tartness and sweetness and a good crumbly base. (7.5/10)

The second time I visited - which was this afternoon - I treated myself to a Pear Tart. This was really quite superb, featuring very pure flavours, the right amount of sweetness (could be less in fact) and very ripe fruit. The flavours of the Bartlett pear was spot on, and there was the almond / fragipane filling below the pear slices which were delicious too. (8.5/10)

There are many other cakes on offer - including many interesting species like a "ruby" tart featuring grapefruit, and Hyatt's famous chocolate layered cake. Next time!

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