Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sakuraya, West Coast Plaza

One of the places that have recently become a favourite of mine is Sakuraya, located at West Coast Plaza. I'm quite fortunate as my church is literally next door from West Coast Plaza, so Sakuraya is extremely convenient for me - as a quick "snack" after music practice, or after church. 

The concept is somewhat like a "fish market" - you select your piece of sashimi, and they slice it up for you for dine-in. They also offer some donburis, including my favourite barachirashi, which comes - as you will note in the photo - with all sorts of assorted ingredients including tuna, tai, hamachi, tamago, etc, all chopped up into bite size pieces. Eating the barachirashi is a pleasure in itself, as the small size of the pieces of fish leads to better mouthfeel. 

The rice could be far better though: it is usually quite hard and lacks the vinegary taste of a good sushi rice which I enjoy. Overall: 8/10

S and I are "sashimi" buddies - we would enjoy a large plate of sashimi every time we get to dine at Sakuraya. This was Norwegian salmon and hamachi. The hamachi was really good, full of fish oils (as it's coming to winter time): 8.25/10. This time the salmon wasn't so up to par, being rather powdery in nature rather than being smooth. 6.5/10.

This is a place that I patronise quite often, and I thank God there's such a place near me. 

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