Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best food experiences of 2014

It's about 10 minutes to midnight, so here's a quick recap of the best things I've eaten in 2014:

1. Sushi Tokami - undoubtedly the best meal this year; I had the taste of the most awesome maguro ever, paired with deliciously tasty rice. Life changing sushi.

2. Jaan - such elegance from a high-end Singapore restaurant.

3. Aoki - their mazechirashi never fails to impress me.

4. Pince and Pints - One of the new restaurants that have lived up to the massive hype. Fresh, delicious sweet lobsters.

5. Labyrinth: creative mod-Singapore cuisine

6. Gaest - delicious Nordic sandwiches.

7. Dibs Bistro - creative cuisine bursting with flavour.

8. Le Bistrot Du Sommelier's cote du boeuf, amazing stuff.

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Derrick Tan said...

Happy New Year. They are a great restaurants in your list.