Sunday, December 28, 2014

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Roasters, Martin Road (CMCR) would probably rank as one of the top few selections for a really good brunch in Singapore - as it ticks all the right boxes, namely:

(1) inaccessible location - you'd need a car to get there since it's miles away from any public transport;

(2) cool decor - the interior is really funky with shared seating - bar stools; industrial lighting; 

(3) an eclectic menu featuring all-day breakfast, Turkish breakfast, vegeterian options, burgers, and coffee prepared a myriad of ways.

Certainly, as it is the brainchild of Harry Grover of 40 hands and the Spa Esprit Group - both of them are responsible for many of the top cafes in Singapore.

My friend and I had 2 breakfast items each: I had the Organic Eggs Benedict with beef cheeks while my friend had the Turkish breakfast, which came with eggs, pita bread, olives, and other turkish offerings.

I'm not able to comment on the Turkish breakfast as I didn't have much of it, but my organic eggs benedict was done very well. The eggs were a golden orange as opposed to limpid yellow, and had much more flavour; and it was paired up with a well made hollandaise sauce,  on top of some beef cheeks, and bread. Everything was pretty delicious. Some rocket to cut the fattiness was in order too. Altogether: 8/10. The only gripe I had was that it was really expensive. This dish was about SGD25.

The coffee was good too: had a "bastard" blend cappuccino which was fruity and fragrant. 

CMCR's a great place for brunch, if you have an unlimited budget, or are slightly less budget-conscious. I guess we could make the same dish at home for far less - and it would probably taste just as good. Sigh, I guess we pay to be seen at a "hipster" joint. 

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Derrick Tan said...

Agreed with you Common Man is one of the better cafes around.