Sunday, December 21, 2014

Takumen, Boat Quay

Singaporeans including myself can't get enough of Japanese food; and it looks like the ramen craze looks like it's set to continue for a very long time - no letting off steam. A new ramen joint featuring six different types of ramen just opened at Boat Quay, named Takumen. The six different types of ramen come from many different proprietors in Japan (which makes me wonder how these proprietors teach the one central kitchen at Takumen to prepare their specialties) - which makes for an interesting experience as you have variety and can come back to try other types of ramen, which makes for more fun.

The space was also pretty cool - a very comfortable restaurant indeed especially considering that it's ramen.

I've visited Takumen twice and both times I was impressed. The first time, I had the Do Miso Ramen which was a pork and chicken broth with miso. Quite an interesting taste - it's not pure miso nor pork but rather somewhat a more nuanced taste - derived from the combination of ingredients. Special shout out goes to the egg which was done very well. The noodles were slightly thicker than I would have liked; but still a delicious bowl. (7.75/10)

The second time, I had the more traditional Honda Shoten Ramen - this is from Kyushu and it's done the traditional Kyushu style, with thin hard noodles and a rich hearty tonkotsu broth. This one didn't disappoint: it was savoury and rich and with the slightly gelatinous texture of a good broth. I quite enjoyed this. The only downside was that the egg was slightly overcooked. (8/10) Some pink ginger was there to cut the richness.

One of the main downsides to Takumen is that it's pretty pricey. A bowl of ramen would set you back at least SGD20 - and that's really almost twice the price of an equivalent bowl of ramen in Japan. I wouldn't mind paying about SGD 15 for ramen, but 20 is somewhat pushing it already.

I guess - at this time, if I had to choose my favourite ramen in Singapore, it would still be Tonkotsu King Four Season's "King" ramen - that is downright delicious. I still have to go and try Sanpoutei one of these days. Cheers and have a great week everyone, and a blessed Christmas. 

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T. said...

I tried Takumen (had the Sakutaya ramen) and wasn't that impressed... the cha shu was dry and the rest of the noodles were quite average, unfortunately! Sanpoutei was FAR better, IMO! :)