Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sanpoutei, Shaw Centre

Many people, including DanielFoodDiary and my personal ramen-loving friend, have given positive reviews of Sanpoutei, which has two branches which are located in Holland Village and Shaw Centre, so over the course of one week (incidentally, two Friday nights being sad and lonely) I visited both outlets to try the chow.

The first Friday, I visited the Shaw Centre outlet at around 7pm - and the queue was super long. I should have known, I guess. I waited for about half an hour before managing to grab myself a seat at the table, to try their Nigata ramen. 

I ordered the Nigata Shoyu Ramen - which came with a light soy-based broth which was pretty tasty and umami, and was pretty good; adorned with flat wiry noodles and delicious egg. Loved the menma (bamboo shoots) as well. This is a 8/10

Okay - I wasn't blown away, probably because I much prefer something a bit more full bodied, but this was good for what it is. At least you could finish the soup without feeling "jerlak" (or bloated).

The Shaw centre outlet was done up very well - very tastefully decorated (being the newer of the two outlets). A picture is uploaded to show you how it looks.

The next Friday, I headed over to the Holland V Sanpoutei outlet; and ordered the tsukumen (dipping noodles). The sauce was flavoured with sardines and had chunks of sardines in it; very umami and quite tasty (flavoured with fish). The noodles were wiry enough to allow the sauce to coat it; and the eggs and menma were again of top quality. The only grouse I had was that there was not enough of the sauce - sadly. Overall about 8/10 also; although I would have liked more sauce. 

The outlet was slightly more cramped - but it was still fine.

Overall Sanpoutei is one of the top ramen joints in Singapore - for the shoyu style - and I hope they continue to maintain their standards. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Black Swan's Mangalica Pork dish - All Hail ze Mangalica!

I am in love with Mangalica pork. Furry, cute, hairy Mangalica pigs are soo adorable, and the meat is even more delicious. I am talking about the Mangalica pork dish that I had at The Black Swan this week (No photos since my phone died). The meat was rich, unctuous, flavourful, robust, and sweet, almost like eating beef. And it was very pink - and slicing through it was so easy. And the taste was just awesome; rich mouthfeel and very flavourful, with the marbled fat just making everything so "porky". No wonder they say that the Mangalica pig was initially raised for the Emperors of the Austro-Hungarian empire; the Hapsburgs sure knew how to enjoy their pork! The dish came with some red cabbage and sweet apples to cut through the richness - but they were mere counterpoints to the wonderful pork. (8.5/10)

All hail ze Mangalica!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hong Yuan Prawn Noodle ( Bestway Building)

I'd stick my neck out to say that Hong Yuan Prawn Noodles (Bestway Building, near Tanjong Pagar MRT) offers probably the best prawn mee in the CBD, and it is indeed a mighty fine effort, capable of matching the top guns such as Beach Road, Jalan Sultan, Hoe Nam and the rest. it may perhaps lose out to Wah Kee but it's really a very high bar already. 
Hong Yuan sells traditional Hokkien prawn noodles, i.e. cooked with pork ribs and prawns. I ordered the dry version - how did it taste? I took my first sip of the thick, richly-coloured soup (which augurs well): wow, I was impressed. The soup was a rich thick "gao" broth that was bursting with depth of flavour and  had an intense taste that was still quite well rounded, with a subtle sweetness. Yes, I enjoyed it a lot that I had a second bowl.
The gravy that adorned the noodles were superb as well - there was a lovely umami flavour from the chilli. The noodles were also well-cooked: smooth kway teow. Altogether: 8.25/10

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lucha Loco, Duxton

The margaritas at Lucha Loco are supremely excellent, probably the best in Singapore. I had just finished a long workout session and in need of a drink, and what better place to get some than Lucha Loco, made with top quality ingredients - good quality tequila, fresh lime, which makes for a really refreshing drink. Indeed the classic margarita was extremely enjoyable: I could have had a couple more if curiosity didn't lead me to try something else. (8.5/10)

I ordered the crab tostadillas again - they were as good as I remembered them to be: fresh crab with good seafood flavour, avocado, cabbage, doused in a tangy dressing; delicious and light all at the same time. We helped ourselves to seconds. (8/10)

The beer-battered fish taco was similarly excellent: tasty and paired well with their slightly spicy sauce. (7.5/10)

I was also quite fond of the ceviche: snapper and mango with onions and the other raw vegetables. Deliciously tart. (7/10)

My friend had pleasant impressions of the grilled fish she had the other day, and cajoled us to order it again, so we obliged - and we weren't disappointed with the grilled barramundi featuring flaky-tender flesh and crisp, well seasoned skin. (7.25/10)

Had another prawn taco (no photo) which was well-seasoned as well; as well as a passionfruit cocktail. 

Lucha Loco wasn't cheap - the bill per head was about SGD 80, but it certainly is an enjoyable place for a boozy night out. Yums. A tip: this place is packed to the brim on Friday nights and hence a recommendation's certainly in order. 

Duxton Hill