Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Black Swan's Mangalica Pork dish - All Hail ze Mangalica!

I am in love with Mangalica pork. Furry, cute, hairy Mangalica pigs are soo adorable, and the meat is even more delicious. I am talking about the Mangalica pork dish that I had at The Black Swan this week (No photos since my phone died). The meat was rich, unctuous, flavourful, robust, and sweet, almost like eating beef. And it was very pink - and slicing through it was so easy. And the taste was just awesome; rich mouthfeel and very flavourful, with the marbled fat just making everything so "porky". No wonder they say that the Mangalica pig was initially raised for the Emperors of the Austro-Hungarian empire; the Hapsburgs sure knew how to enjoy their pork! The dish came with some red cabbage and sweet apples to cut through the richness - but they were mere counterpoints to the wonderful pork. (8.5/10)

All hail ze Mangalica!

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