Thursday, February 19, 2015

ARIA, Sydney

I am a big fan of the performing arts and thus found it a must that I watch a performance at the Sydney Opera House - I actually managed two performances, Tosca and an orchestral performance of Schumann 1 and 2 plus Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor. Pretty good stuff overall.

But this is a food blog - I shall leave my musings about concerts to another time. ARIA is located just beside the Opera House. I started off with some complimentary bread and an amuse bouche of peaches with goat cheese. Competent though not exactly stunning breads.

It was already close to 11pm so I decided to just have a main course and dessert. I ordered the David Blackmore Flat Iron steak with watercress. This was actually very good: very delicious beef - beefy seared flavour and some delicate notes of sweetness from the fats. Paired with some lovely watercress. The beef jus was rich and went very well with the meat, every morsel an oohhhh. Superb. I really enjoyed this. (8.5/10). I ordered it medium-rare and on hindsight should have done a medium so that all the fats would be thoroughly rendered.

The accompanying mash was good (light and fluffy) but probably not as good as LP's quality meats' which was far more flavourful.

I had a passionfruit souffle which was delicious (no photo here as my phone had died) - it was quite tart and beautifully balanced, with passionfruit seeds and all. It was infused with a bread ice cream and all of that was yummy. (8.5/10). The flavours were all quite harmonious and the texture of the souffle was light.

Overall a good meal.

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