Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Devon Cafe, Sydney

My friend recommended this place (Devon Cafe, Surry Hills) for brunch and opined that I must try the Breakfast with the Sakuma's; and hence I trooped down to this little cafe located at Surry Hills to try the food here. And I must say that - it met (or even exceeded) my expectations. 

The space is a quaint little joint located off Devonshire Street, and the cafe opens up to a longer "back" space where more tables are set up. The photos here tell the story - a really breezy, open, space.

I was here for only one thing (and one thing only) - the Breakfast with the Sakuma's; my friend and I both ordered it, and we were well impressed with the dish itself - top quality king salmon (certainly wild, since there was so much flavour in it) which had intense salmon flavour was paired perfectly with a 63-degree poached egg, topped lightly with Japanese condiments such as nori and seaweed, and accompanied by a tangy kewpi mayo sauce. The combination of flavours from the wild king salmon and the 63 degree egg and the mayo was just a marriage made in heaven - a perfect combination. Such a delicious medley of the sea. (8.75/10)

I heard the coffee was not great, so we headed to Single Origin Roasters thereafter.

To the left is a photo of the front of the cafe. 

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