Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IZY, Club Street

Mondays are the new Fridays. Time travel, says C, a member of the "Gastronauts", which are my foodie friends.

On Monday, we hopped over to IZY located at Club Street, for some food and drinks. And what stellar food and drinks they were!

To the uninitiated, IZY's chef used to work at Waku Ghin, and hence the food was going to be of a certain standard, for sure.

We started off with some deep fried yam, with truffle salt. I loved yam ever since I was a kid eating "orh nee" and this one didn't disappoint. The truffle salt was lovely too. (8/10)

Having visited IZY once before, I recommended the chicken karaage, which did not disappoint. Crisp, flavourful, tasty, paired with a slightly sweet marinade to cut through the richness. It was good, although I wish there were more! (7.5/10)

And another appetizer to start with - this was pork rolled over young ginger, a homely comforting dish reminiscent of grandma's cooking. Nothing can be faulted: flawless execution. (7.5/10)

We were next served with a Japanese croquette with a tangy mayo dressing. Again this was pretty solid. (7/10)

Save your room for the swordfish collar, for they were brilliant. Well cooked till tender with some bite, paired with some spring onions and chilli, with a hint of mayo. (8/10)

I forgot to take photos of the pork skewers, which were really good.  You could tell that the pork was of a top quality. Very intense pork flavours - paired with a miso paste. One of the highlights of the meal (8.5/10)

We then ordered our own mains - and we had the pleasure of trying each other's mains. My friend had the Uni pasta - which was some imba uni pasta indeed, extremely delicious, heightened umami flavours. The flavour of the uni was very intense, very "ripe" - I was wondering whether I was on drugs to be able to taste that intensity of flavour. The umami is heightened by the addition of the salty ikura. Certainly one of the best uni dishes, comparable to Lolla's sea urchin pudding. (9/10)

I ordered IZY's famous wagyu don with black truffle; and again it didn't disappoint. Very delicious; robust beef flavours, paired well with heady truffles (8.5/10) 
Another friend of mine ordered the seafood porridge, which was certainly very delicious as well; comforting. (8/10)

We washed everything down with a Mizubasho Daiginjo Tobingakoi, which was pretty full bodied and strong, making everything go down well.

Such decadence didn't come cheap. Our meal cost us about SGD160 per person (the sake alone was about SGD170) - which was pretty hefty for a Monday. I'll just pretend that it was Friday then. Highly recommended. 

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