Sunday, February 15, 2015

LP's Quality Meats, Sydney

A famous food writer in SG mentioned that a good meal was to be had at LP's Quality Meats (Chippendale, Sydney) so I dutifully checked it out. Located in some sort of back alley, this was a cavernous communal dining room of sorts with an industrial appearance - long sharing tables and the like. After all, it was a meat place so I guess the decor was rather apt.

I visited LP's Quality Meats with a friend of mine, and we ordered, as entrees, the chicken liver pate. Man the pate was super good; it was very tasty, rich, creamy, and with a balanced liver flavour, quite sweet, but yet quite light at the same time i.e. not cloying or overly rich. Superb. This was undoubtedly a (8.5/10). Went very well with the homemade bread.

For our mains, we shared a beef short rib and a half-chicken. The beef short ribs had been cooking for over 10 hours in the smoker, and the quality of the meat really shone through - smoky, tender, rich and juicy at the same time, the meat fell apart without much resistance. Great. 8/10.

I actually marginally preferred the chicken, which retained its moisture and had a lovely smoky flavour to it, the skin being a highlight. 8.25/10.

A special shout out goes to the mash , which was extremely tasty; all the cooking juices had gone in to making the mash. 

For quality meats in Sydney, LP's the place. (LP = Luke Powell, who was the former head chef of Tetsuya's). 

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