Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nam Seng Wanton Mee

I have heard loads about this old grand mummy of hawker cuisine, and when I visited this stall on a Friday afternoon, the old lady was still at it, taking orders, being really sprightly and all- and making jokes about how long the stall has been in operation (50 years to be exact). When we asked her what the zhao pai cai was, she said - everything also zhao pai! 

So I ordered the wanton noodles. It looked quite ordinary, but looks are so deceiving. The wonton mee was really good! The noodles had a really good al dente texture and paired very well with the savoury oil/sauce that was very flavourful and coated the noodles perfectly. The char siew was nothing to shout about- pretty ordinary. The wontons were also alright, not bad - quite tasty. In some respects it really reminds me of kok Kee wonton mee; verytasty springy noodles, lousy char Siew. I guess that's what people call the original wonton noodle taste, and I can see why it works. it was very addictive. 8.25/10

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