Sunday, February 8, 2015

Omotenashi Dining Gosso, Boat Quay

Man this place was great - so much so that I've been twice in a week already (which is quite a record, considering that I'm not a huge fan of yakitori). But boy the food here was certainly good and very enjoyable as well.

This was deep fried chicken, coated with a creamy, tangy sauce with small cubes of potato. This was so deliciously tasty. Very oishii indeed. I would have ordered a few more of these had my friends not intervened (so that we could order other things). (8.5/10)

Yam cakes were done pretty well, not a tad greasy. (7/10)

We were then served various skewers - I really enjoyed the cartilege, for its crunchy texture and smoky taste; and the hearts (hatto) were superb as well. The tsukune, I thought, could have been firmer but that's just down to personal preference really. Overall 8/10 for all the skewers.

What I really enjoyed was the fried pumpkin: fried perfectly, caramelised well: 8/10 

This was cute - chicken livers that came with a timer. You had to eat them before the timer rang (40s after being cooked); to ensure that the texture still remains creamy rather than firm which would be the case once the liver cools down. This was fabulous - 8.5/10

Deep fried chicken wings were always welcome - 7.5/10

Egg omelette with radish was alright; nothing much to shout about. 

The desserts were real winners. I really enjoyed the deep fried sweet potato with yam ice cream; the deep fried sweet potato was caramelised with a toffee-like sauce and was crispy on the outside while retaining the starchiness on the inside; and they were really sweet. Paired beautifully with the yam ice cream: 8.5/10

I wasn't so big a fan of the mochi dessert (With green tea ice cream) unfortunately - this ranks as a 7/10

Omotenashi dining gosso is one of those authentic Japanese places that has managed to capture the feel of an authentic izakaya in the heart of Tokyo or Osaka. Highly recommended.

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