Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spice I Am, Sydney (Surry Hills)

Made my way up to Spice I Am (at Surry Hills) as I needed some dinner (last night). This was a recommendation from Tan Hsueh Yun of Straits Times (she provided me with some recommendations via my Instagram page @ceadsearc (please follow)). It was pretty packed at 8pm when I arrived and there was a crowd hanging outside the shop (which wasn't very large, admittedly). Thankfully I managed to grab one of those small tables on the side.

All the food (on the menu) looked great. I browsed through Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon and even Broadsheet to try to get a sense of what I should order. In the end I asked the waitress which dish was delicious "aroy mak mak" and she recommended the Red Duck Curry (AUD26.50) as I mentioned that I loved spicy food.

I also grabbed a Ho Mak which is somewhat like an otah.

The Ho Mak first arrived (a Phuket dish of fish with spices) - this was really delicious! Aroy mak mak. Very aromatic spices, while having much heat it was perfectly balanced with the flavours of the spices (galangal?) coming through. I finished this off in no time. (8.5/10)

Then the amazing red duck curry arrived, and boy I was floored. The duck had sooo much flavour (very musky and deep), and the curry was a warm medley of spices combining strong heat with a gentle sweetness that came from the lychees and cherry tomatoes - very tasty curry indeed. Indeed the duck paired very well with the fiery red curry. Overall this was a (8.75/10)

I didn't feel full, and hence I ordered the Jungle Curry which did not contain any coconut milk but loads of kaffir leaves. Personally I didn't enjoy this as much; it had loads of heat but it had some sort of a citrus taste (kaffir leaves probably). (6.5/10).

Overall Spice I Am is really an excellent place for authentic Thai food and I highly recommend it. It's also BYO, so I went across the street to grab some sauvignon blanc to pair it with my spicy Thai food and everything went down very well. Yay! Good job. 

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