Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Garibaldi, Restaurant Week

Restaurant week's here again - and there are - boy - so many options! I was quite intrigued by Garibaldi's menu lineup so I picked it for a Saturday night dinner - to try out what the Italian restaurant has to offer. Truth be told, even though it's a stalwart of Italian cuisine, I have never tried Garibaldi, perhaps because I don't like Italian food that much.

But anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually at restaurant week, the quality of the food is often down a few notches, but here everything was superb. We started off with an entree of a tuna tartare with burrata cheese, ikura, avocado and fried river prawns. Everything was superb - the creaminess and slight tanginess of the burrata married well with the accents from the ikura and combined with the slight meaty flavours of the tuna, with the river prawns adding some crunch at the top. The ingredients seemed quite disparate but together it was a good pairing. A good starter: 8/10

I was really happy with the main, which was a Tuscan Seafood Stew. Absolutely delicious. The stew had a robust seafood flavour, almost bisque-like (with the heads probably being fried to extract the essence); the essence of the sea personified, with a slight tomato flavour and the hint of spice to give some heat. The herbs were balanced and in harmony: some thyme. What was great were the sprigs of thyme that was stuffed into the heads. Sucking on these heads were incredible - so oishii. The clams, scallops - were all lovely. Loved this dish. 8.5/10

Dessert was a chocolate tart with hazelnut ice cream. I loved the chocolate tart - you could tell that they are using good quality chocolate. Delicious. 8/10

Overall, Garibaldi's restaurant week menu impressed me, and it makes me consider this place if I ever had a craving for fine-dining Italian, although I suspect it wouldn't be soon since I love French food far more. 

Highly recommended.

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