Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meat Smiths, SG

Over in February, I visited LP's Quality Meats in Sydney (read the review here) and was amazed by the smoked meats at that restaurant, all of which came out of a state-of-the-art smoker/oven where the meats were smoked for hours at end to lend a smoky and charred flavour to the meats while keeping them juicy.

I was thinking that such a concept could take off in Singapore, when Loh Lik Peng comes up with Meat Smiths SG, a restaurant at 127 Telok Ayer Street that focuses on smoked meats, and more meats. 

The place itself also reminds me of LP's Quality Meats! It's a big space, with communal tables and benches, with a distinct wood feel about it.

Amidst the cavernous space, was a menu that was geared solely towards meats in all shapes and forms. Vegetarians and pescetarians's nightmare, probably.

We started off with some chicken livers. They were creamy and quite tasty, albeit a bit heavy - the one at LP's Quality Meats was far lighter which worked. A tad lighter and it would make alot of difference. It was served with some bread; it would have been a nice touch if there was some homemade rye to go with it. 

We also ordered some som-tam coleslaw, which was just ... alright. 

The stars of the show were served to us thereafter: there was a special of beef belly and 100g of meat was accompanied by sides of jalapeno peppers to cut through the richness. This wasn't bad, pretty flavourful and tender, although I felt the taste was slightly muted when compared side to side with the brisket. (7/10)

As mentioned, the brisket fared better. Smoked for a long period, the brisket was really flavourful and yet it was tender, with some bite to it. (8.25/10)

I was fairly impressed with the Wagyu Short Ribs, which was slightly salty (some might say overly so) but was incredibly tasty, full of robust flavour, and yet very tender such that it cuts through the fork easily. Good stuff. The method of cooking had coaxed out the deep beefy flavours of the rib. (8.25/10)

Perhaps the only letdown was the half chicken was I felt was slightly dry. The chicken was slightly too big, perhaps, such that the spice marinades and other marinades could not permeate through to the centre of the chicken. LP's Quality Meats does an incredible rendition and I'm curious to see how they managed to keep the chicken moist in the centre and yet incredibly juicy and tasty, even the breast meat. Here the chicken was just so, warranting a 6.25/10. 
Room for improvement on the chicken, but overall a very satisfying meal. We had far too much meat and I'm still feeling the after effects a day after. Great cocktails made in house as well, especially some aged cocktails.

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Anonymous said...

I went yesterday and had a completely different experience. The brisket was bland but the chicken was tasty and moist. Man, no consistency.