Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sumiya, Orchard Central

So apparently, Sumiya has revamped itself as a seafood place instead of one specialising in meats. Located at the 12th floor of Orchard Central, Sumiya now sits in the space that Kuriya Penthouse once occupied. The ambience was pretty laid back and chill, featuring high ceilings and a haphazard style that brought some edge to the party. 

And how was the food? Well, they were having a bluefin tuna promotion today, and so we had the chance to grab some of the odd cuts that they were promoting. Apparently they have links to a fish farm in Japan which rears bluefin tuna, and the tuna is shipped whole to the restaurant, so we were able to enjoy some of the rare parts of the tuna including the meat from the tuna head, the "dark" meat near the bone, and so on. 

We ordered the "mixed chunks" tuna sashimi, which came with akami, otoro, and chutoro. It was a heady combination, and some of the stuff was just ultra-delicious, especially the akami. For bluefin tuna (hon maguro) I'm a big fan of the akami, as that's where the flavours lie, in that blood red deep, robust and full-bodied "blood" tuna taste. This one was good, pretty deep flavours indeed. The chutoro and otoro were good as well. We later found out that it was farmed tuna but we honestly couldn't tell. 8/10.

We also ordered some grilled yellowtail collar - these were done competently and served with the customary radish and lemon; albeit I found the meat slightly tough in parts. 7/10

We ordered some "crazy" chicken meat, nicely grilled with enough scallions to cut through the richness of the chicken. Nothing too fanciful here, just solid grub. 7/10

Aburi tuna skin was served with a ponzu dressing. It was certainly very refreshing, and full of collagen. Interesting contrast between the tart ponzu and the smoky aburi flavours of the tuna skin. 7.25/10

We ordered some blood-tuna meat simmered in its own blood and served with ginger. I kid you not, this tasted like pork with ginger, a homely dish that most Chinese families would serve with rice. If you blindfolded me, I'd have guessed pork. Interesting! 7/10

We ordered two helpings of the tuna head meat sashimi, which was lightly torched. These were just plain delicious, with a luscious mouthfeel and juicy fish oils and a robust tuna flavour, rich and deep. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. 8.25/10

One of the specialties here was the double-steamed rice in bamboo with eel and ikura. These were simply delicious. The rice was double-steamed in a bamboo pot, and was extremely soft and flavourful having a subtle sweetness about it, having absorbed all the flavours of the eel and ikura. It was such an enjoyable experience tasting the rice and enjoying bits of ikura saltiness bursting out and combining with the fragrant rice. The eel, while being very tasty, was almost unnecessary, that's how good the rice was. A dish I'd certainly come back again for. 8.25/10

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