Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mad About Sucre

If there is one place that has earned unanimous, effusive, praise thus far - Mad About Sucre must be the place. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow had proclaimed it the "best patisserie in Singapore", and Daniel Food Diary has called it "one of Singapore's best new patisseries". Accordingly, I had huge expectations for this place.

But was it met?

Hell, yeah.

And more.

The space is gorgeous. A long corridor greets you; the decor is so tasteful that it reminds one of a Parisian patisserie, replete with themed walls, chairs which were thoughtfully selected to create vertical lines along the long corridor, and so on. Everything here was just so tastefully designed and curated. 

One of the owners of the place, Eric, cheerfully seated us, and proceeded to explain to us cheerfully the origins and workings of Mad About Sucre, that all the ingredients are organic, no preservatives are used, fresh ingredients, and so on; and that the baker used to head a team of chefs at a Paris patisserie before heading back home.

Such effervescence and warm-heartedness from Eric is really such a blessing these days, in the day and age of recycled chain cafes and waiters with zero passion for their craft and for the food. 

We were the happy recipients of many of Eric's tales shared through his past life as a consultant and a jet-traveller around the world, but it would be best if he shared them with you when you dine at Mad About Sucre.

The cakes were all delectably crafted. Eric generously offered to pair each dessert with a suitable tea. We started with the "Coco Citron", which consisted of lemon curd and coconut mousse, with a biscuit base. The inspiration was the Basilica de Sacre Coeur in Montmarte, Paris. Out of all of the desserts, I thought this stood out for me, with its very balanced tropical flavours - a heady combination of lemon curd and coconut with the slight tartness of lemon combining well with the flavours of dessicated coconut which also presented some textural variety between the dessicated coconut and the smooth lemon curd. Importantly, this was not too sweet. There was also added texture from melted sugar crystals that had to be timed just right to prevent it from turning into caramel even as the sweetness is lost. A harmonious whole. (8.5/10)

This was paired up with a tropical lemon grass tea which emphasized the "tropical" flavours.

Second, we enjoyed "Passione", which consists of passionfruit and light cheese, with some cocoa nibs. Very smooth and harmonious, with the tartness of the passionfruit combining well with the light cheese. Very natural flavours indeed. Eating it with cocoa nibs introduced a whole new dimension; roasted and nutty flavours emerge. It starts off with roasted flavours and then the passionfruit takes over, leading to a long finish at the sides of the palate while the cocoa flavours remain at the back. Very well thought out. (8.25/10)

It was paired with a mango tea with mangoes from Cambodia, which was again just spot on with very natural flavours of mango.

Third - we had Carpentras - strawberry vodka cream, and vanilla cream. The dessert was served in a martini glass and comprised various layers, some infused with gin, others with lychee, and topped with some almond bits. A heady mix indeed. I quite liked this as well as the strawberry was very natural-tasting and the addition of vodka and other alcoholic condiments really uplifted the entire dessert. (8.25/10) Paired with a wild berry tea. 

Last up - chocolate domed San Dominique, comprising a "rum jewel box" and a ball made of chocolate and caramelised plantain. You start with rich dark chocolate encasing rum, before moving on to a ball of mousse-like texture with delicious caramelised plantain. All very rich, very decadent. Lovely. (8.25/10). A mint tea accompanied the dessert.
Overall, I was really impressed with Mad About Sucre. Every little fine detail was meticulously thought out and planned, from the design of the space, to the cutlery which curves so ergonomically to allow for easy access to the cakes, to the cakes themselves, of course. One of the finest patisseries to open up in Singapore for a long time. I have heard that the cakes themselves change on a very regular basis, and I can't wait to try them!

PS: I hear it gets really crowded over the weekend, but when I was there on a Wednesday night, it was surprisingly empty, much to my disbelief. Maybe I was just fortunate, so it afforded us more time to speak with the proprietor. 

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