Monday, May 4, 2015

Fuunji, Shinjuku

Fuunji is an extremely highly-rated ramen joint in Shinjuku, best known for its tsukumen (dipping noodles). We arrived sometime around 1pm and there was a really long queue. We queued for about 30 min before finally managing to enter the shop, and we were quite surprised to find out that we still had to queue some more! Yes, so customers would queue inside, behind where the diners would be slurping their noodles. I guess it all adds up to the anticipation.

Tsukumen it was for me, and it came rather quickly, a huge pile of noodles along with a dipping bowl. I ordered an extra egg, making it two eggs altogether. 

How was the tsukumen? Really good - the chicken based broth with sardine was really rich and full of umami, with a hint of sweetness; yet overall it was very well-balanced. The noodles had great texture, firm to the bite, slightly curly. It went very well with the dipping sauce. The only regret I had was that i ordered too much (since I was the greedy foodie, I ordered the "large" size instead of medium, and immediately regretted it later when I went to Kichijoji).


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