Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kanda Wadatsumi, Tras Street

I'm very excited whenever I visit new affordable Japanese restaurants, as I love Japanese food (as you can tell). Kanda Wadatsumi was frequented by Michel Lu (a famous Singapore restaurateur) who posted some photos of some of the dishes he had on his Facebook page. We were around the area seeking entry into MEATLiquour but sadly we were not able to enter due to the massive queue. Hence an idea struck that we should try Kanda Wadatsumi, which is located at Tras Street, a small road parallel to Tanjong Pagar Road. The exact address is 50 Tras Street, 078989.

The restaurant itself is tastefully decorated, with some paper cranes and bamboo and a relaxed wooden feel as though one is transported back to the izakayas in Japan. A pleasant ambience and one that makes you feel relaxed, certainly.

We spied a Kuheiji on the menu, which is a sake that I really love, but unfortunately that was sold out. In the end we had a Kubota Ginjo which was just as good - very fruity and somewhat ricey.

And on to the food. First up was a salad of baby spinach, mushrooms in a light ponzu dressing. Excellent; the dressing was not overpowering and just enough to coat the leaves. Quite a delightful dish with every bite. (7.75/10)
The sashimi course came next - this was immensely satisfying, a bountiful and delicious sashimi platter, featuring hirame (bottom right) which had flavourful, delicate fish oils, alot of natural sweetness which was shy and needed to be coaxed out through chewing; shime saba (bottom left) which was very fresh, with the natural sweetness of the fish really coming to the fore and certainly very clean tasting; aji (top left) which was good; and the piece de resistance being the chutoro (top right) which was full of flavour, rich and sweet with awesome fish oils and with the natural ferrous taste that makes tuna delicious. Too bad the entire thing was quite pricy, some S$40 per person, but overall delicious. (8.75/10)

We had some seared wagyu as well, not bad but I felt it was a tad expensive for what it is. The meat was also slightly chewy. (7/10)

We ordered the steamed sea bream head in sake. Now this was delicious, with the fish being supremely fresh, yielding sweet, clean tasting, delicate flesh. Even the innards were tasty - which is a testament to its freshness. (8.25/10)

We had some shioyaki buri cheeks. While fresh, I felt that I would have preferred it cooked slightly under, as the meat was a tad dry and chewy. (7/10). (Eg. I had a really lovely hamachi cheek in Sasagin in Tokyo where the meat was just juicy. Here, it was slightly rubbery and flaky).

We were still hungry so we ordered some tuna rolls and negitoro rolls. They were quite delicious due to the use of high-quality fish and well prepared sushi rice with enough vinegar (just the way I like my sushi rice). (8.25/10)
We ordered some ochazuke as well (not pictured).

Overall Kanda Wadatsumi was quite impressive, serving delicious Japanese food at fair prices (I won't say it's cheap). I would come back to try some of the other items. In a way this is somewhat like Nobu-Ya (another of my favourites).

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