Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Park Bench Deli

Ming (ex-Lolla head chef) is a chef that has my respect, for his skills in the kitchen and for his love for food. I was surprised that he had left Lolla, but then he told me that he was going to set up a place serving awesome sandwiches. Naturally, therefore, I was rather enthusiastic when his place - Park Bench Deli - finally opened. Thankfully it's near my office, literally a stone's throw away from Amoy Food Centre, and so I visited them yesterday to try their food.

The decor is certainly quite modern-looking; you step in and there are wooden panels painted in a shade of green, somewhat reminiscent of a "park bench". There's a large open kitchen where customers can view the chefs grilling, sauteeing, assembling etc the sandwiches.

As there were two of us there, we managed to try two sandwiches: the Southern Fried Chicken and the Steak and Cheese. 

Ooh, I really loved the Southern Fried Chicken sandwich, consisting of southern fried chicken with a corn and cabbage slaw topped with Russian dressing. The chicken was certainly tasty and very well-seasoned, fried to a batter-y crisp while remaining light in the process, neither oily nor greasy. The slightly tangy Russian dressing was a good compliment allowing the natural flavours of the chicken to take centerstage, while the salad kept things refreshing. Overall, very delicious and balanced in a good way. (8.5/10)

I also tried the Steak and Cheese sandwich, which featured tender slices of beef which were juicy and well-marbled and tasty, with the beef juices leaking out as well. The sauteed onions were well-sauteed, adding a caramelised sweetness to it. I would have loved a bit more cheese though ! (but because I'm a cheese fan). Still a really decent sandwich: 8/10

Lots of drinks are available as well, including some craft beers and some never-seen-before sodas from the United States. I'm sure this place will be a hit, as evidenced from the throngs of hungry lunchtime diners waiting for their sandwiches. 

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