Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wafuken, Asia Square

The Asia Square food court is a happy feeding ground for me, for its myriad of options ranging from Astons, to Wheat, to Ippudo and Pepper Lunch. There's also Guzman Y Gomez (which I'm not particularly fond of) but what really piqued my interest was this stall named Wafuken. 

It serves sous vide proteins cooked with healthy sides. 

So you have a choice of sous vide chicken, salmon, steak, or wagyu premium steak - and you can have it either as part of a donburi, or as part of a do-it-your-own-style creations where you can also select your vegetables and carbohydrates as well.

I've tried the salmon and the steak, and a friend of mine has tried the chicken. The verdict: the salmon is awesome. Seriously good - pink and soft in the middle with good flavour, and it helps if you add some of that sushi soy sauce or the ponzu, which adds more flavour. 

The chicken - from the little that I tried - was also pretty decent - very soft, especially the breast meat, and still flavourful.

The steak, however, didn't fare so well, mainly because the steak was rather thin. I'd assume that they had cooked it sous vide, but once the outside was seared, the heat perhaps was transferred too quickly to the insides resulting in rather tough meat. Perhaps a thicker cut of steak would be preferable (although one could, understandably - reduce the length / width of the steak to compensate) such that the insides would remain medium rare while the outside layer is seared.

Among the sides, I really liked the grilled mushrooms, as well as the soba which was done pretty well if a bit over. Brown rice was also a good option - healthy. The mushrooms were earthy, the way I like it. Grilled asparagus was great too. Not so much a fan of the baked sweet potato.

Well, wafuken is highly recommended if you work around the area. Check it out. I'd say 8/10 for the salmon, 6.5/10 for the steak.

I'd be trying the chicken soon - hopefully. 

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