Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ah Hoe Mee Pok

Visit Ah Hoe Mee Pok (Block 710, Clementi West) twice - since it's located very near my church.

Located in a coffee shop in the middle of a HDB estate, Ah Hoe Mee Pok is quite unique in that it features a Japanese owner/chef at the helm, blanching and stirring mee pok, cooking pork and meatballs, and his daughter helping him to take down the orders.

The stall to the left of Ah Hoe is called "Noodle King", and I noticed that they also sell meepok and "bak chor mee". The only difference was that Noodle King didn't have a queue, while Ah Hoe Mee Pok's line was some 10-12 persons. I guess Noodle King isn't king of its hood after all. But what struck me was the difference in movement and motion. The Japanese chef's actions and motions were very precise: a flick of the wrist here and there, liberally flicking the noodles in the basket so as to ensure that all the water drains out (water is tasteless and so too much water in the noodles will detract from the taste of the sauce), ensuring that the noodles are quickly steeped in cold water to prevent it from continuing to cook, and the like. Whereas the old aunty from Noodle King was rather insipid in her movements - probably as a result of age. 

So how was it? Pretty good, but I can't say I am mind-blown. The sauce featured some use of sesame oil, with less vinegar; it was slightly different from the "local" meepok that I have eaten. It was certainly tasty and very balanced, a good mix of sauces that was quite addictive in leaving one wanting for more. (8.25/10)

Further, the texture of the meepok was spot on: not too hard and not too soft, with a good bite. The ingredients were all fresh - no complaints.

And then you have a pretty tasty soup that is a far cry from the insipid excuses for soup that we find at other places.

I came back a second time and this time his daughter was preparing the meepok. The photo above is from the 2nd time I visited. A very good bowl too! Very well done - the mushrooms and abalone were spot on. And this time I requested for more vinegar and the sauce really hit the spot.

Also ordered some dumpling soup to go along with the meal. It was all good - very rich soup.

Overall, a very good bowl of meepok. I still prefer Tai Hwa (by a small margin), but this was a really good bowl near my house and church.